Before Applying for Vietnam Visa Know It’s Types
Vietnam Visa is categorized into many types depending upon its need and the time period applied for.
Two types of Vietnam Visa has been discussed below -

1. Tourist Vietnam Visa (C1) –

This type of visa is applied by the tourists who want to visit online Vietnam visa for a holiday trip, family function or a business meet. But the duration of the visa is only 1 month, you can’t extend the duration in this type of visa. This type of visa application is simple and hassle free. The Embassies usually ask for a passport with at least 6 months validity, one passport size photo and a completed visa application form.
Tourist Vietnam Visa

2. Business Vietnam Visa (B3) –

This type of visa is generally applied by the businessmen who want to enter Vietnam for business purpose like signing contract, making sales and attending conferences. The duration of the visa lasts for 3 months. Business visa is almost same as Tourist Visa, which also includes an Approval Letter provided by four sponsors in Vietnam. If not having any sponsor must contact the Vietnam Embassy. But if you want to extend your business tour, a 3 month visa will not work. You will require a work Vietnam visa for that which will let you stay more than 3 months in Vietnam.[/fusion_text]
Business Vietnam Visa

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